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“HESA, You have inspired me to inspire others. Thank you for a great experience.”

— Karl Ochsner – Phoenix, USA

After many years of teaching, my enthusiasm had dimmed. HESA has electrified it to the point that I shall carry it through the end of my career.

Linda Zsedeny – Minnesota, USA

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens cannot change the world. HESA, You have changed mine!

Rashmi G – India

HESA inspired and reminded me why I love teaching Math! Now I can pass that on to my students!

Kim Shelley – Missouri, USA

There are teacher workshops and then there is HESA. This is the best professional development training any teacher could ever get!

Debbie John-Jeffrey – Illinois, USA

I underestimated the learning and experience I thought I would get at HESA. It has blown me away- I feel grateful, rejuvenated and more confident after my experience at HESA.

Dolores Martinez – NC, USA

“Simply Stunning!!”

Tom Harris – Tokyo, Japan

Restoring and Inspiring! Honeywell is truly fueling the fires of passionate teachers.

Patti Haataja – Mobile, Alabama

Space Camp has reinvigorated my teaching and has refueled my passion for science and math. Thank you!

Sariah Bujanda – New Mexico, USA

It only takes a spark to ignite the fire of a rocket shooting past the moon. Please know that the spark that what ignited in me this week at HESA will be shared, passed and will illuminate the lives of many students. Thank you so much Honeywell!

Meg Richard Olathe – Kansas, USA

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