Lesson Activities

Innovative programs help educators inspire the next generation of scientists. Honeywell Educators at Space Academy is an intensive educator program for math and science teachers that provides simulated astronaut training focused on space science and exploration.

Day 3_328All lessons taught at Honeywell Educators at Space Academy, as well as all lesson plans provided to the educators align with National Science and Mathematics Standards. Activities are designed for students from 10-14 years old and can be adapted to other grade levels.

Possible Activities

Engineering Design Challenges:  Educators work in teams to replicate engineering challenges faced by NASA engineers. Using the NASA Engineering Design Process, each team will design, build, test, redesign, and rebuild models under specific criteria and constraints. Science, technology, engineering and math concepts are ignited throughout these challenges, including:

Thermal Design Challenge: Can your team protect your astronaut during the extreme heat of reentry into Earth’s atmosphere?

Payload Operations: Your team has been assigned to safely land and deliver delicate payload to the surface of the moon. Are you up for the challenge?


Rocket Construction & Launch: Exploring Newton’s Laws of Motion and the basic principles of rocketry, aspiring rocket scientists will construct and launch their own solid-fueled Estes Eagle rocket. Mathematic concepts will be applied as participants calculate the approximate altitude their rocket reaches during flight.


Mission Patch: This activity allows teams to learn about the history and symbolism of space-mission patches. The participants then apply their knowledge to create a patch that uniquely captures the characteristics of their individual team along with the goals of their simulated mission.

International & Commercial Spaceflight: Space exploration has entered an exciting new chapter with international and private commercial companies all working to expand discovery and opportunity!  Discuss past, current and future endeavors, as well as some of the unique challenges that a successful spaceflight presents to engineers and scientists.

Current Events

Living & Working in Space: Learn about what it is like to live and work in space, including how to eat, exercise, conduct experiments, and go to the bathroom! The new, interactive Science on Orbit exhibit will give participants an astronaut’s perspective of daily life aboard the International Space Station.


History of Space Program – Speaker: Ed Buckbee, founder of Space Academy, recounts the early days of NASA in Huntsville, Alabama. Hear stories from behind-the-scenes NASA and Space Academy experiences, and receive a copy of his book, The Real Space Cowboys.

Astronaut Presentation: Astronaut to be announced soon!

Guest Presentation: Other professionals within the space community to be announced soon!

Other Activities

Museum: During the week, participants will have time to explore the museum. Crew trainers or museum docents will lead discussions based on the exhibits and artifacts, including:

  • History of Space Travel
  • Rocket City Legacy
  • Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs
  • Pathfinder and the Shuttle Programs
  • Milestones of Rocket Park
  • Skylab to ISS and Beyond: Living and Working in Space

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